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On Monday 29 March, as part of the next stage of the Government’s roadmap out of national lockdown, outdoor sports facilities can open and grassroots football can re-start. The are a number of Club safety measures in place for the safe return of football and these measures must be followed at all times.

Summary of Important Points

  • No Spectators – spectators are not allowed at grassroots football training sessions or matches.
  • One parent or carer is permitted in a safeguarding capacity – the parent or carer must arrive at the training session or match with their child. An adult who arrives at a training session or match alone will be considered a spectator and will not be allowed entry.
  • Self-Screen Check Forms – Club Coaches, Officials, Players, Parents and Carers in a safeguarding capacity must present signed Self-Check forms to the Club COVID Official prior to entry to the training session or the match. No entry will be allowed without a negative signed Self-Screen Check form.
  • Attendance Registers – Coaches must maintain a register of all attendees at a training session which should be given to the on-site Club COVID Official at the end of the training session.

  • Authorised Training Locations – Training sessions can only take place at locations authorised by the Club COVID Management Team – currently, training sessions can only take place at Wellacre Academy or Flixton Girls School. This restriction does not apply to the open aged teams.

  • Parking at Wellacre Academy – Parking in the top car park is restricted to avoid the mixing of people leaving and arrriving in what becomes a very congested space. Parents and carers are welcome to park in the lower car parks that are immediately to the left and right upon entering Wellacre Academy. Club COVID Officials will be on hand to guide drivers.

  • Social Distancing – Social distancing must be observed at all times and there should be no mixing with others from outside your household or support bubble.

Flixton Juniors Detailed Guidance

The Club has updated their detailed Risk Assessment regarding the impact of COVID-19 on training sessions and other footballing activities within the Club.

The Risk Assessment can be downloaded by clicking here.

The Risk Assessment (FJAFC003) is effective immediately, and supersedes Risk Assessment (FJAFC002) which was issued on 23 July 2020.

Our COVID-19 Officer is Pierino Gattei (Pev), who is contactable on Coronavirus matters through

All participants in training and footballing activities, including managers, coaches, parents, players and anyone else who may be attending, must familiarise themselves fully with the Risk Assessment and ensure they follow the measures required to minimise the risks associated with COVID-19 during our training and footballing activities.

Important: Self-Screen Check

All participants in training or a footballing activity must perform a Self-Screen Check before travelling to the location of the training or footballing activity.

This is a mandatory check, which must be documented before travelling and presented upon arrival to the on-site Club COVID Official who is managing access to the training or footballing activity.

Coaches, Players, Club Offcials and Parents or Carers in a safeguarding capacity who do not provide a signed Self-Screen Check will not be allowed access and will not be able to take part in the training or footballing activity.

The Self-Screen Check is documented on the following template, which can be downloaded here for printing:

Parents and carers who travel to and from the venue, and who may remain in their car should also perform a Self-Screen Check. This check does not need to be handed to the Club COVID Official.

Important: Adult Player, Parent or Carer Consent and Confirmation

In providing a signed Self-Screen Check form to the on-site Club COVID Official, you consent for yourself or your child to take part in the training or footballing activity, and you confirm that you have read and understood the activities being offerred (to your child) and agree with the measures the Club has put in place to manage COVID-19 risks, including measures in line with current Government guidance.

Please Contact Us if you require any further information or clarification regarding the Risk Assessment and its implications.

Important: COVID Safe Parking at Wellacre Academy

Parents or carers, should they be attending in a safe-guarding capacity or wish to wait in their car for the duration of the training session or match, should park in the car parks to the left and right upon entering Wellacre Academy. No parking is allowed in the upper car park to ensure there is no mixing of people leaving or arriving at Wellacre Academy.

Club COVID Officials will be present to provide guidance to arriving drivers.

Important: COVID Safe Management at Wellacre Academy for Weekend Matches

Following the increased rules regarding Coronavirus and Track and Trace, Flixton Juniors have implemented people flows at Wellacre Academy for their weekend matches.

All persons who attend or participate in a match at Wellacre Academy are obliged to follow the new rules.

The flows set out from where coaches, substitutes and parents and carers in a safeguarding capacity should watch their match.

All adults who participate or spectate at a pitch are requested to scan the unique Pitch QR Code into the NHS Track and Trace Application on their mobile phone.

The flows are shown here:

Football Association Guidance

The FA provided updated guidance on 24 March 2021.

We can provide an update on the return of outdoor grassroots football and support available to clubs across the grassroots football community.

On Monday 29 March, as part of the next stage of the Government’s roadmap out of national lockdown, outdoor sports facilities can open, and organised outdoor football can take place.

We’ve now published our updated guidance, based on the latest Government advice available, which applies to all outdoor youth and adult football and Futsal, including all formats of the game.

If there are any further updates from the Government, we’ll communicate these in due course. We’ll also update our guidance as we move through the different steps of the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown.


The Government guidance on travel is that the ‘stay at home’ rule will end on Monday 29 March, but many restrictions will remain in place. As organised sport can resume, all participants may travel to games but should avoid travel at the busiest times and routes, as well as minimising any unnecessary journeys where possible. All participants must follow the Government’s guidance on safer travel.

Changing rooms

Changing rooms cannot be used as part of step one in the roadmap out of lockdown and must remain shut. Toilets will be allowed to open, 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after training and/or matches. All government guidance on hygiene and social distancing measures must be followed.


No spectators are allowed at grassroots football as part of step one of the Government’s roadmap. One parent or guardian per child is permitted, where clubs and facilities can safely accommodate this and following all appropriate guidance.

Indoor football

Indoor sport is not currently allowed. This is planned to return no earlier than 17 May, as part of step three of the Government’s roadmap, apart from disability football, which is currently allowed to take place indoors.

It’s extremely important that clubs, players, coaches, match officials, league officials, volunteers, parents, carers, and facility providers continue to strictly follow both the UK Government’s latest guidance on COVID-19 and respective bespoke guidance documents from the FA. Any incidents of non-compliance will be reported to the local County Football Association.

Government Guidance

Current COVID-19 Risk Assessment


Previous COVID-19 Risk Assessments