Manager and Coach FAQs

Manager and Coach Frequently Asked Questions

What are the COVID-19 rules my team and I must follow to ensure we train and play in a safe manner?

The Club has produced detailed COVID-19 specific guidance and risk assessment, which can be reviewed

My home match has been postponed due to an unplayable pitch, what steps must I take?

As soon as you are aware of the situaiton, inform the following people stating your home pitch is unplayable:

  • Your Divisional Secretary
  • The Manager of your Opponents
  • The Referee
  • Paul Delaney, the Pitch Co-ordinator

Seek to switch the game as the opponents may be able to host the match.

Whatever the outcome, ensure these four people are kept fully informed at all times.

I do not have enough players for a starting line up, what do I do?

If you are one player short, then you should still play the match.

As soon as you are aware that you may be more than one player short, then contact the Cara J, Lynn or Pev for guidance.

If the player shortage is due Coronavirus isolation, or the lack of availability is in the view of the Club reasonably excused, then the Club will support a request for postponement.

If the Club agrees to support a postponment, then provide the following information by email to CWO@FlixtonJuniors.Org:

  • Team, League and Division
  • Number of players in isolation, if relevant
  • For each player that is not available:
    • Their name
    • Their School and School Year, if their absence is COVID related
    • The reason for their unavailability
    • The date of their expected return to availability

The Club will then produce an official Postponement Request Form, signed by the Chairman and a Club Welfare Officer, that you can forward to your Divisional Secretary for their instruction.

The approval of the postponement is at the discretion of the League, and the signed form does not guarantee a postponement.

I need a DBS check, what steps must I take?

First and foremost, please ensure that your Club registration is up to date.

If this is your first DBS check then the Club will instigate the process and let you know.

Then log into the Whole Game System and look for the ‘My DBS’ option on the left hand menu, and select it.

You should see the following if the Club has instigated the DBS correctly:

First DBS Message

Please check for the mentioned email, and follow the instructions. If you have not received an email then please email CWO@FlixtonJuniors.Org to let the Club know.

If this is not your first DBS check then you may see the following:

Current DBS Message

In this example, the DBS is current and in no need of renewal, which cannot be started.

If your DBS is expired or about to expire then the following option should be available:

Renew DBS Message

Press the button and then follow the instructions.

How do I join the Manchester FA Coach Membership scheme?

Firstly, you must be a registered Flixton Juniors Club or Team Official, and have been associated with the Club on the Whole Game System.

Then vist the MFA Coach membership webpage by
clicking here.

This gives you all the information regarding the scheme

To access the sign up form you will ned to log in using your FAN and password.

The form should now appear and may pre-populate with some of the information the FA already have from your FA Account:

MFA Coach Membership Form

The form should now appear and may pre-populate with some of the information the FA already have from your FA Account.

Please enter ‘Flixton Juniors AFC’ for the Manchester FA Member Club, and fill in the remaining fields.

The Club and MFA have agreed to share the cost equally with members, so there is a £10 discount available from MFA.

Please enter the Promotional Code provided by the Club and press ‘validate’. If you are not a member of Flixton Juniors AFC and use the Promotional Code then it is likely MFA will suspend your membership and block your future membership.

Do not forget to read the Terms and Conditions and accept them, and pay the remaining £20 online.

Once everything has gone through, then please provide confirmation of your membership to with ‘MFA Coach Membership Confirmation’ in the subject line and the Club will refund you £10.

Please Contact Us if you need any help.

What is the Timperley & District Football League Manager Registration and ID Initiative?

The League has produced an overview, which can be viewed

I am about to confirm the arrangement of a friendly which we are hosting, apart from making arrangements with the opponents and a referee, who do I need to notify so the friendly can go ahead?

It is an FA Regulation requirement for any friendly to be sanctioned by the relevant parent County FA prior to the fixture taking place. To seek approval by Manchester FA, please complete the form found here providing all the information requested in the form. The form should be completed more than 48 hours before the friendly is scheduled to take kick off. Clubs competing within fixtures that have not had approval will find that their club insurances are invalidated.
Answer provided by Manchester FA

In addition, you must inform the Club’s COVID-19 officer by emailing to the date, time, location and teams of the friendly

I am about to confirm the arrangement of an away friendly, apart from confirming arrangements with the opponents, who do I need to notify so the friendly can go ahead?

You must inform the Club’s COVID-19 officer by emailing to the date, time, location and teams of the friendly

I wish to book sometime with the Chairman or with a Club Welfare Officer, what do I do?

The Club has implemented a scheduling system to ensure you can book time with the Chairman and Club Welfare Officers. To use the system, follow these steps:

Firstly, go to

Scheduling 01

Click on the ‘Login’ button at the top right

Scheduling 02

Click on ‘Setmore Login’

Scheduling 03

On your first visit, click ‘Forgot password?’

Scheduling 04

Enter your Flixton Juniors email address and click ‘Submit’, and follow the instructions in the email to set your password. On returning the logon page, enter your email and password.

Scheduling 05

Setmore may present you with your profile, click ‘Save’

Scheduling 06

Click on the Service you wish to select

Scheduling 07

Select the ‘Provider’ – there may be only one.

Scheduling 08

Please select the date you wish the appointment to be made, and then click on the time slot you wish to book.

Scheduling 09

Review your information and add any comments that may be relevant for the meeting, and then click ‘Continue’

Scheduling 10

A summary of the appointment should now be visible, click ‘Book My Appointment’.

Scheduling 11

Your confirmed appointment should now appear.

Scheduling 12