Silent Support Weekend

This is message received from England Football on 23 September 2022 – please read this and the questions at the end.

Play your part in a weekend of football that’ll leave you speechless.

Silent Support Weekend is to encourage spectators and coaches to show their support only through applause while the match is in play. This gives players a better opportunity to find their own voice and develop their game.

We’re asking all leagues and your clubs to join in on the 5th & 6th November 2022.

Sometimes words get in the way

We’re asking coaches and spectators to be quiet during the game.

The coach can talk to the players at half time. And everyone can applaud good play from either team.

Give them peace let them play

We will send promotional materials and guidance for you to share with your clubs and promote across your social channels and at their club houses.

Minutes of silence can see moments of Magic

Not sure about it? Have a go and tell us what you thought.

This is part of ongoing research to create a positive space for our players and you will have an opportunity to feedback.

As a Club we have an opportuntity to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of this idea before any decision is made as to whether we sign up to this as a Club.

Some benefits of this are, and this is by no means a complete list:

  • an immediate reduction in criticism of players and the referee
  • the opportunity to see players apply their knowledge without constant instruction
  • gives the players an opportunity to work on their in game communication
  • consistent with fun football 4 all

Some disadvantages of this are, and this is by no means a complete list:

  • some players need positive instruction from coaches to encourage them
  • what happens on the day if a club is not signed up to this?
  • what happens on the day if the parents, coaches and spectators break silence?

Some questions I think we should consider are:

  • What other benefits do you see from such an initiative?
  • What other disadvantages do you see from such an initiative?
  • Is this something we should consider for matches on other weekends at a Club or team level?
  • I suspect that there is a potential longer term agenda to bring this in as a feature at certain age groups. How would you feel if this affected your team for a whole season?

Please can you email with your thoughts on this matter so all the views can be collated and present them for a collective decision.