Holiday Soccer School

Our Next Holiday Soccer School

Our fourth Soccer School will take place during half-term from Monday 13 February to Friday 17 February at Wellacre Academy.

The normal price per day is £12 per child.

You can come for one or more days, which you must decide at the time of booking – and the following discounts are available:

  • If you wish your child to attend all five days, then the full week discount price is £45 – please pay the full price on the Monday before the start to get this discount.
  • If you have a second or more child attending on a given day then the fee for these children is £6 for the day (or £25 for the full week).

For example, if you have two children attending for the full week, then you will pay £45 for the first child and £25 for the second child.

Children must be equipped with suitable football kit, shin pads, boots and a waterproof jacket. They should also bring a packed lunch and have a drink with them.

Please book in advance to avoid being turned away should we be full.

Our Holiday Soccer School Loyalty Programme

Flixton Juniors aims to run six Holiday Soccer Schools throughout a season, which runs from 1 July to 30 June. Each Holiday Soccer School lasts for five days, and our team of coaches provide a fun, safe and inclusive environment for all our participants.

We keep our Holiday Soccer School prices low so that children from all backgrounds, including those who may be financially disadvantaged, can take part in our activities.

Whenever a budding footballer attends at least twenty (20) Holiday Soccer School during a season, the young superstar is entitiled to a free limited edition Flixton Juniors Holiday Soccer School Football shirt.

To take part in the Loyalty Programme just ask one of our Holiday Soccer School team.

Future Holiday Soccer Schools

Our fifth Holiday Soccer School will take place during Easter break from Monday 10 April to Friday 14 April 2023 at Wellacre Academy.

Following that, there is one further Holiday Soccer Schools planned this season:

  • Spring Bank: Monday 29 May to Friday 2 June 2023

Details of the Summer Holiday Soccer Schools will be published here in the near future.

Our Holiday Soccer School Team

Previous Holiday Soccer Schools

Monday 24 October to Friday 28 October 2022

The third Holiday Soccer School of the season was another massive success with over 50 young players enjoying a week of fun football.

The winners of the mini-competitions were:

  • Penalties: Parker Hourican, Elliot Li, Joe Shannon
  • Samba Penalties: India Stapley, Sonny Murray, Rory Fannon
  • Coconut Shy: Liam Brady, Bobby Bancroft, Joe Shannon
  • Dutch World Cup: Eric Marrtin, Ronnie Cookson, Lewis Niland
  • Players of the Week: Tristan Murphy, Charlie Gee, Oliver Holt
  • Champions League:
    Purple Team – Phoenix Stapley, Harrison Summers, Louis Arstall, Tristan Feeney
    Red Team – Charlie Staines, Frank Cookson, Oliver Holt, Bobby Bancroft, Louis Niland, Ethan Schofield

Monday 29 August to Friday 2 September 2022

The second Holiday Soccer School of the summer was another massive success with nearly 60 young players enjoying a week of fun football.

The winners of the mini-competitions were:

  • Penalties: Parker Hourican, Bobby Bancroft, Charles Butterworth
  • Samba Penalties: Michael Ellis, Elliot Li, Charles Butterworth
  • Coconut Shy: Phoenix Stapley, Sonny Kirkbride, Paddy Furey
  • Dutch World Cup: Harrison Summers, William Linwood
  • Players of the Week: Orla Parkinson, Freddie Bruce, Peter Douglas
  • Champions League:
    Blue Team – Madeleine Bruce, Alice Bruce, Harrison Summers, George Lansdown, Julie Elbahnasy
    Green Team – William Linwood, Alex O’Sullivan, Archie Mason, Ethan Schofield, Joe Shannon, Lucas Niblett, Freddie Bruce

Monday 1 August to Friday 5 August 2022

The first Holiday Soccer School of the summer was a massive success with nearly 90 young players enjoying a week of fun football.

The winners of the mini-competitions were:

  • Penalties: Tristain Murphy, Sonnie Murray, Fletcher Juniper, and William Linwood
  • Samba Penalties: Cass Kendall, Cassius Holmes, Rory Fannon, and Thomaas Evans
  • Coconut Shy: Harrison Summers, Freddie Bruce, and Thomas Brand
  • Dutch World Cup: Toby Rowell, Matthew Robinson, Ellis Taylor, and Simon Lojowski
  • Players of the Week: James Middleton, Bobby Bancroft, and Seth Murphy
  • Champions League:
    The A Team – Jake Holt, Michael Ellis, Harrison Summer, and Alice Bruce
    Lambo-Purple Vs – Sonnie Kirkdale, Thomas Brand, Edward Parkinson, Freddie Bruce, Evan Niland, and Madeleine Bruce
    Fiat Honda FC – Seth Murphy, Charles Butterworth, Kadence Law, Jacob Robinson, Cassius Holmes

Please do not hesitate to contact the Club if any names are misspelt.