Our Jubilee Season is a special season for our Sponsors.

The Club has many events planned throughout the season culminating in June 2021 with our Jubilee Football Festival attended by over 4,000 people, following which we will have our Jubilee Celebration Gala, a huge occasion to celebrate 50 years of Flixton Juniors, to which all our Sponsors will be invited.

There are two ways to become a Sponsor in our Jubilee Season:

  • Sponsor the Club
  • Sponsor a Team

Club Sponsorship

The Club is open to any person or business which wishes to sponsor the Club as a whole. If you wish to consider sponsoring the Club then please Contact Us

Team Sponsorship

A person or businesses can purchase a Jubilee Team Sponsorship package.

This package includes:

  • Provision of the Limited Edition Jubilee Season Kit for every player in Team – each top blazoned with the Sponsor’s Logo
  • Half page advertisement in the Jubilee Football Festival programme
  • Inclusion in the Jubilee Celebration Gala Brochure
  • A page on the Club website for showcasing your business
  • Frequent highlighting of your Sponsorship on our social media platforms

The Flixton Juniors Limited Edition Jubilee Kit

The Jubilee Kit included in the Sponsorship Package comprises:

The number of outfield shirts in a Sponsorship package can be varied depending on the size of the squad, and this will vary the pricing of the package.

Sponsorship Package Estimate

Please use the calculator below to get an idea of the price of the sponsorship packages

Becoming a Flixton Juniors Sponsor

Please use the online Sponsorship Application Form below

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Important Information

Sponsor Logo
Once sponsorship is confirmed, a logo in eps, png or jpg format is required for inclusion on the Flixton Juniors website and on any kit that is being sponsored.

Jubilee Kit
The Jubilee kit will be worn for every game where there is no colour clash requiring Flixton Juniors to change to a different kit.

Flixton Juniors Football Festival Programme
Every year over 4,000 people come to the Flixton Juniors Football Festival held annually in June. A programme is produced for the event and includes space for adverts by sponsors. As a team sponsor you will be included in the programme. The Club will contact you in due course regarding the advert to be placed in the programme.

Flixton Juniors Jubilee Gala Brochure
A brochure will be produced for this unique event and includes space for adverts by sponsors. The evetn will be attended by approximately 1,000 people. As a team sponsor you will be included in the brochure. The Club will contact you in due course regarding the advert to be placed in the brochure.

Privacy and Data Protection
Flixton Juniors takes privacy and data protection very seriously, and uses the information provided in line with its privacy and data protection policy.

Flixton Juniors reserves the right to contact you by email on any matters relating to the sponsorship you have provided, and with potential opportunities to help the Club further in a manner consistent with being a sponsor. For example, the Club may run ads in the press for specific events, and may seek a sponsor for the event, which will allow further exposure of the sponsor through the press ad.